Digital Marketing Scope for Commerce Graduated

Digital marketing is becoming more popular year after year, globally. In India, it is becoming one of the fastest-growing industries. Anyone who is willing to learn and grow can become a digital marketer. Students who have graduated from the commerce stream can also pursue a long-term career in digital marketing. It is becoming more important for businesses to adopt digital marketing techniques to remain relevant and profitable.

The digital marketing career scope for commerce graduates in India is bright. It is a quick and easy way to earn money and grow in life. There are a number of institutes and online courses available to learn digital marketing. You can go for a degree, diploma, or certificate program. Along with this, you’ll get the option to pursue these courses online as distance learning, part-time, full-time, etc. Read the entire article to learn more about how a commerce graduate can learn digital marketing.

Why is Digital Marketing Best for Commerce Graduates?

The boom and ease of use of new technology have changed how people communicate with each other and receive information. With the rise of smartphones, people can now get information directly from the internet. With all these developments, the popularity of online marketing has also increased. Hence, the digital marketing industry now has more jobs.

Internet usage by citizens across the world is increasing every day. With this factor in mind, businesses opt for digitalization. Therefore, correspondingly, digital marketing has become a dire necessity. The skills are in demand, and anyone who learns them can grab a job. You don't need a specific academic background to learn digital marketing.

Eligibility Criteria for Digital Marketing Courses

Eligibility depends on the type, of course, one chooses, and it varies according to the level of the course. It also depends on the institute or platform where you are completing the course. Check the eligibility of digital marketing courses offered at the UG, PG, and certificate levels −

Digital Marketing UG Degree/Diploma − Students are required to pass the Class 12 exam or equivalent to be admitted to UG courses.

Digital Marketing PG Degree/Diploma − For digital marketing PG courses, you need to complete bachelor's-level education with a 10+2+3 pattern.

Online Certifications − There are several online platforms and institutions that offer courses with certifications. These courses don't ask for any eligibility to take them.

Digital Marketing Courses for Commerce Students

You don't necessarily need a four- or three-year degree to become a successful digital marketer. After graduating from college, you can get a digital marketing certification regardless of what you've previously studied. These online courses are available for free, and some of them are paid as well, depending on the course design.

Select a job profile in digital marketing and then choose your course. This availability of information can help you decide on your course. There are short and long-term courses that are available for commerce students. Here, we have listed the three best courses to start your career as a commerce graduate.

Google: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

This course is designed for aspiring digital marketers who are looking for a foundational course that will cover everything they need to know to succeed in the industry. It’s part of the Google Digital Garage, which is an online education platform that’s accredited by IAB Europe and the Open University. It is one of the best free digital marketing courses available. The duration of the course is 40 hours and covers some of the main topics of digital marketing.

Topics covered include analytics and data, e-commerce, business strategy, content marketing, display advertising, email marketing, local marketing, SEM, SEO, mobile marketing, and others

SEMRUSH: Audit your online visibility with SEMRush

One of the most critical skills a digital marketer should have is knowledge of search engine optimization. Without this, a website will not rank well in search results. In this course, Kelsey Gettis of SEMRush will teach you how to measure and fix your SEO performance. The course is also free and worth completing. It is a one-hour course for beginners that will help in gaining digital marketing knowledge.

The course consists of four video lessons, which will have modules covering topics such as: working with backlink authorities, website performance, reporting SEO stats, etc.

Simplilearn: Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing Certification Course is designed to help individuals become experts in various digital marketing fields, such as social media, SEO, and digital analytics. It provides them with a 12-month subscription to the Facebook Digital Marketing Program, which includes access to the company's expert sessions and tools. The course costs Rs. 64200 and covers advanced-level digital marketing skills.

For this course, candidates should have at least 2 years of working experience in the digital marketing industry. The duration of the course is 6 months and covers some high-level topics, such as online reputation management, search psychology, PPC strategy, advanced ad features, campaign, and ad group organization, keyword research, URL management, language targeting, and others.

Career as a Digital Marketer

Digital marketing offers a number of career opportunities. It has a variety of job profiles, which makes it one of the best and easy career options. Due to the increasing number of digital marketing professionals, the salary for those working in this field has become significantly higher. Check out some of the top career options in digital marketing −

  • Market Research Analyst

  • Content Marketer/Manager

  • Digital Marketing Consultant

  • Conversion Rate Optimiser

  • SEO Manager/ Professional

  • Social Media Manager

  • PPC Search Manager

  • Email Marketer

These are some of the common job profiles in digital marketing. You can choose any of them to start your career as an online marketer. Due to the increasing number of people using the internet, businesses are now turning to digital marketing. This is a necessity, as digital marketing can help boost sales.


It does not depend on the background of any student, a commerce student can become a digital marketer. One can start their career with basic knowledge and skills. One can work as a freelancer; they don’t need to be dependent on any company. You can expand your digital marketing scope by working remotely on projects around the world. The right digital marketing skills are enough to allow you to work with various types of clients.

In the near future, digital marketing will become a prevalent practice for businesses all across India. There are numerous companies that are already incorporating digital marketing into their operations. It is very important to be sound in your digital marketing skills to be successful. So, irrespective of your commerce background, you can work as a full-time digital marketer.

Updated on: 27-Feb-2023


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