Differentiate between Interface design and Interaction design

Let us understand the concepts of user interface and user interaction designs respectively.

User Interface Design

The design of the user interface is directly accessible by the user and they interact with in order to do a task. It establishes the way with which the user will interact with the product.

Its main aim is to enhance the appearance of the product, the quality of technology used, and the usability of the product. It refers to the software or the hardware of the system which the user can see and also the various ways or commands to control or use the product.

It focuses on the looks or how the app or software is looking. Attributes like theme, animations, colors etc constitute the user interface.

The user interface (UI) was mainly designed to focus on the appearance or style of the interface between process design software or computerized device.

Interface elements include −

  • Input controls − buttons, text fields, check boxes, radio buttons, toggles, date fields

  • View components − markers, sliders, labels, symbols

  • Information component − message box, model windows

  • The character

The main aim of the UI should be to make conversations simple and effective.

If the user has an interface, the software becomes more popular −

  • Attractive
  • Easy to use
  • in charge

User Interaction Design

It is a branch of User Experience Design that defines the structure and behavior of interactive products and how people interact with them. It reflects the relationship among the people and the machines which are used by them.

It facilitates interaction among people using a product or service. It is done by encouraging behavior facilitating exchange among users.

It has nothing to do with the visual design of the product. It is the way in which they interact with the product. Devices like speakers, shaking devices make the interaction design.

It is worried about what the goals of the user are and in return, what type of conversation is needed to achieve them.

Interaction design focuses on creating attractive interfaces with good thinking behavior. Understanding how the user and the technology communicate with each other is the foundation of this area.

Activities in Interaction design −

There are 4 basic activities in interaction design −

  • Understanding and specifying the context of the user.

  • Specifying the user and organizational requirements.

  • Producing the solution of the design problem.

  • Testing/ evaluating the design against the customer requirements.