Differentiate between 5 state and 7 state process models.

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A process is a program in execution and it is more than a program code called as text section and this concept works under all the operating system because all the task perform by the operating system needs a process to perform the task

The process executes when it changes state. The state of a process is defined by the current activity of the process. It is important to know that only one process can be running on any processor at any instant. Many processes may be ready and waiting.

Five state process Model

The states present in the 5-state model are as follows −

  • New − When a new process is created, It enter into the new state. Then it tries to load into RAM.

  • Ready − The processes that are loaded on RAM and waiting for CPU are in ready state.

  • Running − The processes that are running on the CPU are in running state.

  • If the process is running in its critical section, then other processes need to wait in the ready state.

  • Blocked − All processes that are leaving the CPU and moving to the waiting state are in the blocked state. When the CPU becomes free, processes from the blocked state again move to the ready state, and from ready to Running state.

  • Exit / Terminated − A process that is terminated from CPU and RAM is in the terminate state.

The pictorial representation of five state model is shown below −

Seven state process model

The states present in seven state models are as follows −

  • New − Contains the processes that are newly coming for execution.

  • Ready − Contains the processes that are present in main memory and available for execution.

  • Running − Contains the process that is running or executing.

  • Exit − Contains the processes that complete its execution.

  • Blocked − Contains the processes that are present in main memory and awaiting an event to occur.

  • Blocked Suspend − It contains the process present in secondary memory and awaits an event to occur.

  • Ready Suspend − Contains the processes that are present in secondary memory but is available for execution as soon as it is loaded into main memory.

The pictorial representation of seven state model is shown below −

So the difference between these two models is of two states which are not present in five states but present in seven states and they are Suspended ready and Suspended wait.

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