Different Types of Eyeliner and Their Uses

Eyeliner is a multipurpose cosmetic that may give your eyes more drama, depth, and definition. Eyeliners come in many different forms, including liquid, gel, pencil, and powder. Each kind has special qualities and applications, such as drawing fine lines, smearing for a smoky effect, or achieving a dramatic winged appearance. You may choose the best eyeliner for your desired look by being aware of the many varieties and their applications.

Types of Eyeliner

As you may already be aware, there are various types of eyeliner available, and each one has a different impact. Secondly, it's important to keep in mind that eyeliners should only be applied to the outer lash line unless the packaging specifically states otherwise (such as the kajal). Today's eyeliner market offers a wide variety of products. There isn't an all-purpose eyeliner out there, which is unfortunate for us because they are all divided into distinct categories and intended for various uses around the eye. In the cosmetics sector, these are the ones we encounter most frequently.

Gel Eyeliner

Gel eyeliners have a semi-solid, gel-like consistency, as their name suggests. They feel more flexible than a conventional pencil liner and can be found in either pot or pencil shape. Gel liners are smudge-proof, long-lasting solutions that can be used to create a variety of styles, such as smeared wings, Smoky eyes, and graphic shapes. Use a waterproof solution to extend wear even more. Gel eyeliner can be applied directly to your lash line or waterline when it is in pencil form. Use an angled eyeliner brush to apply gel eyeliner that is contained in a pot. Gel eyeliner dries in just a few seconds, so if you want a Smoky effect, smear it straight away with an angled brush.

Cream Eyeliner

The creamy, blendable compositions of cream eyeliners are ideal for creating a natural, delicate, and understated appearance. Not that you can't use them for looks that are more dramatic. If you want a bold finish, use numerous coats or use a bigger brush tip. Typically, cream liners come in the form of a pencil or a tube that you may use to apply them straight to your eyelid. They also come in pots that need to be applied with an eyeliner brush. You can get more exact lines using the latter.

Pencil Eyeliner

The conventional pencil eyeliner, commonly known as kajal or kohl liner, is a thin pencil. The material is silky, dry, and delicate, allowing you to create eye makeup looks that are bold but not harsh, which is perfect for mature eyes. Today, you can get pencil liners in a range of colours in addition to the traditional black and grey tints. Beginners should use pencil eyeliners, which can be applied directly to the lash line or waterline. Some have a little built-in sponge for smudging as well. Although an eye primer might increase endurance, this form of eyeliner isn't always durable.

Liquid Eyeliner

As you might have guessed, a liquid formula is what distinguishes liquid eyeliner from other types of eyeliner. It frequently comes with an applicator that you dip into the tube and is packaged in a tube (much like mascara). The brush tip sizes of applicators range from thin to thick, and some are constructed of plastic or metal. To create many sorts of wings, including small flicks, precise lines, and dramatic cat eyes, liquid eyeliners are ideal. They can be applied directly to your eyelids and call for a steady hand. After applying, allow the liquid liner to completely dry to avoid unwanted smudging.

Felt-Tip Eyeliner

A liquid eyeliner with an integrated felt tip is known as a felt-tip eyeliner. The felt-tip applicator, in contrast to an applicator that is tucked into a tube, is left exposed at the top, where it absorbs liquid eyeliner from the tube. Hold the eyeliner pen like a marker to apply. By using this kind of eyeliner, some people feel like they have greater control. Also, it's ideal for winged eyeliner effects.

Pen Eyeliner

This eyeliner combines the advantages of the first two eyeliners: the convenience of a pencil eyeliner and the impact of a liquid eyeliner.

The eyeliner pen's thin tip makes it simple to draw accurate lines, and its sketch pen-like design makes it simple to use even for total beginners. Choose our pen eyeliner for faultless precision and eye-catching intensity. Its soft, flexible tip faithfully follows the curve of the eye, allowing for an incredibly clear, accurate line with buildable thickness. In addition, this pen boasts a "capillary system" technology that dispenses just the right quantity of formula for precise application and flawless results without smudging.

Kajal Eyeliner

The Kajal eyeliner has an immediate advantage over any other pencil eyeliners, however you might not be able to see from the pictures: It lacks creaminess. It won't smudge nearly as easily, even in the waterline, as opposed to other pencil eyeliners, which is why I believe this is an advantage. The eyeliner doesn't yank or pull on your eyes and just needs a small amount of moisture to work (a drop of water on your finger or even water from your waterline would do).

Uses of Eyeliner

Depending on the sort of eyeliner you use and how you apply it, you can create a variety of looks. There are numerous styles available.


By making your lashes seem longer and your eyes more defined, a natural appearance improves the form of your eyes as they are. Draw a thin line along your top lash line with a pencil or cream eyeliner.

Dark Eye

If you want to boost the drama in your makeup look, a smoky eye is the ideal choice. Apply a thick line along your top lash line and slightly wing it out with a cream, pencil, or gel eyeliner. Then, line your bottom lash line with liner. For a smoky appearance, smudge both the upper and lower liner lines.


You should use a liquid or felt-tip eyeliner for the ideal flick. And it's okay if you don't succeed the first time. When it comes to this incredibly appealing look, practice makes perfect.

Cat Eye

A cat eye is frequently applied from the inner corner all the way to the outer edge and beyond, as opposed to a winged look, which typically starts on the outer edge of your eye. Usually, the waterline is lined to more closely resemble feline eyes. To accomplish this look, apply gel, cream, or pencil eyeliner to the bottom lash line and liquid or felt-tip eyeliner to the upper lash line.


Play around with different eyeliner designs without fear. Draw geometric patterns or forms, use a hint of glitter, or use vibrant colours. You can also play with negative space, make a series of dots or several wings, etc.


Eyeliner is a multipurpose beauty tool that may be used to create a variety of eye makeup effects. You may choose the best eyeliner for your desired style by being aware of the various varieties and their applications, whether you want a precise and straight line, a smudged and smoky effect, or a bold and dramatic wing. You may choose the eyeliner that best suits your style by trying with many varieties. This will help you develop a customized beauty routine that draws attention to your own features.

Updated on: 17-Apr-2023


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