Different online Hashtag generators for YouTube

For their position in search results, right-wing hashtags are vital. Hashtags, like metadata, provide crucial information about your video to YouTube, Google, and anybody who views it. They contain the video's category, topic, and so on. The chance of the audience discovering and viewing your video will be enhanced if you add the appropriate hashtags.

Finding the appropriate hashtags for your YouTube video is a challenge. So, you will want to use a YouTube hashtag generator to get there.

We have compiled a list of some of the best YouTube hashtag generators we could find in this article, based on our research. To assist you in choosing between them, we have also included essential facts.

What are YouTube Hashtags?

Hashtags on YouTube are designed to group linked videos around subjects or themes, like hashtags are used on other social media platforms. There are 2 ways to add Hashtags to your videos −

Video description

You simply add hashtags inside the text of your video description. The first three hashtags you add to your description are the most essential, as YouTube will take these and put them as clickable links above your video title. You may include up to 15 hashtags in the description.

Video title

Hashtags may also be added to the video title itself, which will take precedence over any hashtags you add to the description.

What does the YouTube Hashtag Generator do?

The Hashtag Generator on YouTube suggests hashtags based on your beginning keyword. The most popular trending YouTube videos related to your keyword are indexed using sophisticated analytics, and nearby hashtags are predicted based on what people are looking for. The discoverability of your video may subsequently be enhanced using these hashtags.

What are the best YouTube tag generator available

Here are some of the best YouTube tag generators

Tune pocket

The best tags for your videos can be found using Tune Pocket, a free tool. They come with a range of services and resources that can help increase the SEO of your videos. It is available via its website. The YouTube tag generator, on the other hand, is available for free but has certain limitations. The main features are −

  • One-click tag generation

  • Copy on Clipboard

  • User-friendly interface

  • Easy to use

  • 24*7 customer support

How to use Tune pocket Go to the Tubeast’s tags generator.


Enter video ideas or keywords in the bar.

Click on Generate Video tags.

Hashtags are generated, add sign # in starting and use.


  • With TubeRanker, you can get a better YouTube ranking in one place. Tag generator, ranking monitor, title generator, and other tools are available. There are two versions available − a free and a paid version. This YouTube tag generator is available for free, but you will have to pay to use all its features. The main features are

    • Rank tracking

    • Description generator

    • Title generator

    • Keyword tool

    • Easy to use

How to Use TubeRanker −

Go to the website. https://tuberanker.com/youtube-hashtaggenerator

Enter video ideas or keywords in the bar.

Click on Generate.

The list of hashtag is generated.

Click on Select all to use all hashtags.

You can also select your preferable hashtags and copy them.


Kparser is a superb SEO tool as well as one of the most popular YouTube tag generators. You can also get new ideas with it, in addition to generating relevant video tags. For your video, you may also produce SEO-friendly keywords, descriptions, and titles. The main features are −

  • YouTube and Google SEO tools.

  • Find trending keywords

  • Negative keyword tool

  • Country-specific tags

  • Customized tags

How to use Kparser −

Open the website.https://kparser.com/youtube-keyword-tool/

Enter letters and keywords separated with a comma. Select the country you want the tags to target. Pick a language. Click on Start.

The searching is carried on.

The list of hashtags is been generated.


One of the most efficient and simple tools in our research has been Rapidtags. You can also generate tags for TikToks, in addition to YouTube. Rapidtags is constantly improving, which was something that drew us in. Users are rewarded for contributing to the success of private beta versions by joining them. The main features are −

  • AI-powered suggestions.

  • Automated video experiments.

  • Direct application of instant suggestion.

  • TikTok Tags.

  • Simple and minimalistic user interface.

How to use Rapidtags

Open the website.https://rapidtags.io/generator

Enter keywords in the bar.

The topic is entered.

Click on Generate Video tags.

The list of hashtags is generated.

Keyword Tool

It also helps to find keyword hashtags for the videos. It generates long tail keywords for YouTube. The main features are −

  • Get hashtags in different language.

  • Easy copy and paste

  • Export keywords to Excel and CSV file formats.

How to use Keyword Tool

Open the link. https://keywordtool.io/youtube

Enter the keyword in search bar

Click on Search

Click on Hashtags on the upper part of window.

The list is generated.

Why are YouTube Hashtags important and do they work?

YouTube Hashtags aid the discoverability of your videos. Since YouTube is primarily a video search engine, it uses many ranking signals to determine the position of videos on the search result page. Hashtags are one of these ranking signals so using them together with other signals like the video title and description will help your video SEO efforts. Hashtags help provide context to YouTube about your video.


Based on the information you provide; hashtag generators can create hashtags. Search engines may find relevant posts using hashtags. Your social media posts will get more engagement if you use hashtags generated by these tools. As a result, increase engagement by using hashtags.