Differences between Interface and Integration Testing.

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As we know that testing is the most important stage in the process of delivery of any application or software as it is only testing which not only validate the quality of an application but also provides an opportunity to the developer to improve its product.

Every application is being developed by comprising development of its constituents different components. Now as we know that Integration testing is the testing in which all components are tested in an integrated environment i.e testing is done collectively of all components with their individual functionalities working altogether.

Along with this as we know that all these components communicate with each other for the integration so there comes the role of APIs, web services etc. which are known as Interface to make components communicate with each other and hence testing of these interfaces is known as Interface testing.

Following are the important differences between Integration Testing and Interface Testing

Sr. No.KeyIntegration TestingInterface Testing
1DefinitionIntegration testing is the testing in which integration of the constituent components get tested in an integrated environment with functionality of each component working all together at a time.On other hand Interface is the testing in which the intermediate interfaces between components get tested in order to check primarily the communication between components.
2Prime functionalityAs mentioned in above point Integration testing is performed to verify the end to end functionality of the integrated components.On other hand Interface testing is carried out to test an interface to verify its functionality.
3TypeIntegration testing due to its nature can carried in ways i.e manual as well as automated.On other hand in case of Interface testing as interfaces are the abstract so it’s difficult to perform manual testing so in Interface testing mostly automated testing can be performed.
4PlatformAs in case of integration testing the collective behaviour of the components is tested so Integration testing is performed on both code and GUI of the application.As we know that Interface is the connection that integrates two components so Interface testing is performed only on the code.
5TargetAs already mentioned Integration testing is based on constituent components so Integration testing is done on integrated components.While Interface testing is done on interfaces like APIs, web services, connection strings etc.
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