Difference between Z-wave and ZigBee

WiFi networks cover some portions of the area, while mesh networks can cover more wide areas like your garden, home. The WiFi network sends the data to and from a single axis. The device which is kept far away gets the weaker signal which leads to the connection problem.

If the owners of the house have thick walls, there is a limitation of WiFi. Routers will struggle to get the signal in various rooms of the same place. Therefore, some parts of the houses remain out of range.


For home automation, the Z-wave protocol is used for communication between devices. It allows low inactivity communication, which depends upon more miniature data packs. It has a data speed of 100 kbit/second or 1 GHz.

Z-wave is used for signaling and controlling, and it makes use of mesh topology, which supports 232 nodes in a single network. It has an operating frequency of 908.42 MHz which varies with the different countries. Gaussian frequency-shift technology (GFSK) is used, and there is a standard network controller device set up and a direct Z-wave network. Every logical Z-wave has a network home ID and various node IDS for the devices in it.

Z-wave is used in Home energy monitoring with intelligent energy, Healthcare and fitness monitoring, and Home automation.


ZigBee is a device that follows the IEEE 802.15.4 specified protocol. ZigBee is used for transferring data in a wireless network with low energy utilization. It is designed for the multi-way control system from WPAN (Wireless Personal Area Network). The ideal use of the layer is to describe communication intensification. And this intensification involves confirmation, valid nodes, encoding for security, and data routing. ZigBee is used in control and automation.

Difference between Z-wave and ZigBee

The following table highlights the major differences between Z-wave and ZigBee.

Users can elevate the system, which Z-wave provides.
The device will last up to seven years on a single battery, and ZigBee requires more power.
Its transmission is best for someone who has little knowledge of technology.
ZigBee transmission is best for someone who has good knowledge of technology.
It is expensive.It is cheaper than Z-wave.
Z-wave is a protocol for conveying between appliances used for home automation.
It is an open standard wireless connection.
The technology used is GFSK for intonation.The technology used is BPSK, OQPSK for intonation.
It communicates up to 50 m distance.It communicates up to 100m distance.
It uses the Sub 1 GB band.It uses a 2.4 GHz band.
No international standard is there.The international standard is IEEE8.02.15.4.