Difference between Use Case and Test Case

Use Cases and Test Cases are two important terms in context of Software Testing. A use case tells how a System will behave or perform a certain task provided the given conditions and a test case contains the actual test data, set of instructions to system and expected result of the interaction with system.

Following are the important difference between Use Case and Test Case.

Sr. No.KeyUse CaseTest Case
1ObjectiveThe objective of Use case is to ascertain a certain output after the set of operations.The objective of test case is to ensure that system is working fine for each given instruction and yields the required result.
2DefinitionUse case is a representation of actions which describes the behaviour of system to do a particular task.Test case contains the test data, set of instructions to follow and a result(s) of following the instructions.
3SourceUse cases are prepared on requirements.Test cases are prepared on Use cases.
4RequiredRequirement documents.Test Data, Test Scripts.
5OutputEnd result is important and all steps are to be executed together in a use case.All steps are important and may have a separate result.
6UserBusiness users executes use cases.Testers executes test cases.