Difference Between URL and Domain Name

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In this post, we will understand the difference between URL and Domain Name −

Domain Name

  • The main motive behind a domain name is to make it easy to access a website.

  • They are generally used to refer to a brand name, to easily identify and remember it.

  • It is in textual form, and is human-friendly.

  • It can be understood as a human readable form of an IP address.

  • It consists of three parts- Top level domain, Intermediate level, and Low level.

  • Example of a domain name is medium.com

Uniform Resource Locator

If you want to find a particular website URL is best for it because a URL is a complete web address to find a particular website.

  • It is a string which represents the complete web address of a web page.

  • It is the string which represents the complete web address, and it also contains the domain name.

  • It contains the following parts- method, protocol, host name, port, and file path.

  • Example of a URL is https://www.medium.com/

Updated on 23-Apr-2021 06:50:54