Difference between Tester and SDET

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A Software tester performs testing on the software to ensure that it meets the required quality standards. A Tester is responsible to check if the software has bugs/defects and performs as what is required from it. A software tester is unaware of application code and its development process.


SDET stands for Software Development Engineer in Test. SDET is part of both development as well as software testing. A SDET knows the code of software. A SDET is a tester who can code as well.

Following are the important differences between Tester and SDET.

Sr. No.KeyTesterSDET
1WorkingSoftware Tester tests the application once it is testing ready.SDET tests the internal of the application using coding.
2Internal knowledgeA software tester has no knowledge of coding details of the software under test.SDET knows the coding responsible for the intended functioning of the software.
3ResponsibilitySoftware testing tasks are prime responsibility of a software tester.SDET also performs the performance testing of application apart from software testing.
4Skill SetSoftware tester is less skilled than SDET.SDET has more skills than a software tester.
5StipendSoftware tester are generally less paid than SDET.SDET are more paid especially with automation skills.
6CodingSoftware tester has no coding skills.SDET knows and can code well.
7RolesSoftware tester has less responsibility and roles in software development.SDET are generally part of software development as well as testing.
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