Difference between test () and exec () methods in Javascript

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Test tests for matches and returns booleans while exec captures groups and matches the regex to the input.

If you only need to test an input string to match a regular expression, RegExp.test is most appropriate. It will give you a boolean return value which makes it ideal for conditions.

RegExp.exec gives you an array-like return value with all capture groups and matched indexes. Therefore, it is useful when you need to work with the captured groups or indexes after the match.


console.log(/^([a-z]+) ([A-Z]+)$/.exec("hello WORLD"))
console.log(/^([a-z]+) ([A-Z]+)$/.test("hello WORLD"))


[ 'hello WORLD', 
   index: 0, 
   input: 'hello WORLD', 
   groups: undefined ] 

Note that the first index in the array returned by exec is the complete matched string. The following indices are the individual groups captured by the regex.

Updated on 16-Sep-2019 08:10:55