Difference Between Streaming and Downloading

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In this post, we will understand the difference between streaming and downloading data −


  • It refers to the act of viewing the content held on a remote server.

  • The media bit stream is split into tiny parts of area unit.

  • It is the process of transfer of content block by block, and viewing it later on.

  • It requires a stable and decent internet speed.

  • It requires less time.

  • Buffering exists when data is being streamed, especially when the speed of the internet is slow.

  • The screen resolution can be higher if the internet speed is good enough.

  • No memory space is required since nothing is being stored on the system.

  • The quality of video during the process of streaming may vary.


  • Downloading is the process in which all of the information is transferred completely, and then viewed.

  • The speed of internet may vary and may not be stable, but the data still gets downloaded.

  • It requires more time.

  • Buffering doesn’t come into the picture of downloading data.

  • The screen resolution depends on the downloaded.

  • Some amount of memory space is required to download the content of multimedia.

  • Once the downloading starts, the quality of video can’t be changed, it has to be previously decided.

Published on 21-Apr-2021 07:35:33