Difference Between SIT and UAT

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In this post, we will understand the difference between SIT and UAT −

SIT (SystemIntegration Testing)

  • It refers to the interfacing between the modules.

  • It is performed by developers and testers.

  • SIT is done after unit testing, but done before system testing.

  • It helps with general issues such as data flow, control flow.

Following are the techniques −

  • Top-down Integration Testing.

  • Bottom-up Integration Testing.

  • Sandwich Integration Testing.

  • Big-bang Integration Testing.

UAT (User Acceptance Testing)

  • It helps focus on the requirements from user’s point of view.

  • It is generally performed by customers and end users.

  • It is done after performing system testing.

  • The general issues it addresses are functionality issues, features that don’t work based on the user’s requirement.

User Acceptance Testing in SDLC

Published on 27-Apr-2021 06:32:50