Difference between Sales and Services

Sales and services are one of the most critical features of any business. Although they sound similar, they are different from each other as the role, and purposes of each one differ from the others.

What is Sale?

A transaction between two or more parties in which the buyer receives goods, services, and assets in exchange for money is a sale. It is also known as selling goods and services to gain profit. It mainly involves sale agent.

For example, while selling a house, the sales representative provides the customer with all the details regarding the house and its benefits compared to the other places.

What is Service?

Service is support or assistance provided to the customer after buying the goods and services. A service can take place before or during the sale is going on to increase customer satisfaction. It mainly aims at preventing the customer’s challenges with the product, like guiding them, assisting the upsells, helping them create a bond with the product, and answering all their detailed questions.

For example, when a person purchases a new mobile phone, the customer care representatives provide the customer with a guarantee ensuring that the mobile phone has no defects when used until a specific period. If there are any defects in the mobile phone within the period, they will replace it with a non-defective one.

Difference between Sales and Services

The following table highlights the major differences between Sales and Services −

The main aim of sales is to sell the product and profit from it.
To enhance customer satisfaction by supporting new and old customers with a product they already have or use.
New customers
Profit maximization is one of the main aims of sales. It effectively achieves this through massive sales. Hence sales persons work at attracting new customers.
It does not mainly aim at attracting new customers. But it might attract clients through customer will and goodwill.
The happiness of the customer and satisfaction
Sales do not precisely aim at keeping the customer happy when a deal is made.
Services aim to keep the customer happy and address all of the customer’s needs if any.
Pre-interaction with the customer
There is a pre-interaction with the customer before a sale is made.
There is no pre-interaction, as the interaction only takes place after the sale.
The main target of the sales agents is to strike a sale.
Its target is to help assist the customers after the sale is made. It mainly aims at customer satisfaction with the product or services offered.
Mode of transaction
The transaction between the customer and the salesperson is monetary.
The transaction between the customer and the service provider is usually non-monetary.
Different types
The different types of sales are −
  • Inside sales

  • Outside sales

  • B2B sales

  • B2C sales

  • Agency sales

  • Consultative sales

  • E-commerce sales

The different types of service are −
  • Business services

  • Social services

  • Personal services

  • Banking services

  • Insurance services

It relates to the flow of goods to the ultimate customers.
It relates to all the activities that motivate customers to purchase a product.
Sales have short-term goals, which are to buy it now.
Services have long-term goals that are returning customers, multi-purchase, and loyalty.
Different methods
The different methods of sales are −
  • Target account selling

  • SPIN selling

  • Signal-based selling

  • Value selling

  • Conceptual selling

The different methods of services are −
  • Actual or personal services

  • Substituted services

  • Service by publication

Once the customers' needs are established, they are persuaded to the market or service.
There is a wide range of exposure to products and services. Many processes are followed to ensure the customer’s needs are met and satisfied and provide them with ongoing support.
Strategy used
In sales, the push strategy is used: promotion and persuasion.
In services, the pull strategy is used, that is, integrated marketing efforts.
It emphasizes bending the customer according to the given product.
It emphasizes developing the product according to the customer’s needs.
Start and end
It starts much before production and continues even after the sales.
It starts after production and ends with the sale of the product.


Sales and Services are two terms that can be distinguished easily by understanding their purposes. Although both benefit the business because they enhance smooth business continuity and bring indirect customers to support and use the various products and services, they still have notable differences. For any business to prosper, it needs sales and services to ensure the sales are made and the customers are assisted.

Updated on: 11-Jul-2022

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