Difference between Ring Topology and Mesh Topology


Ring Topology

In Ring topology, each node is connected to its left and right node in ring fashion and information can flow from one node to another in single direction. If there are n nodes then there are n links present. In case a new node to be added then entire connection is to be broken down.

Mesh Topology

In Mesh topology, each node is connected to other node using its own dedicated link and information can travel from these links to any node. If there are n nodes then n(n-1)/2 links are present.

Following are some of the important differences between Ring and Mesh Topologies.

Sr. No.KeyRing TopologyMesh Topology
1LinkageEach node is connected to its left node and right node.Each node is connected to each other via dedicated links.
2CostRing topology is cheaper than Mesh Topology.Mesh Topology is expensive considering more links as compared to Ring topology.
3NodesFor N nodes, N links are needed.For N nodes, N(N-1)/2 links are needed.
4Information RoutingInformation travels in single direction from one node to another.Information can travel from any node to any other node.
5ExtensibilityTo add a new link or node, entire connection is to broken leading to poor extensibility.A new link or node can be added without breaking connections. Highly extensible.
Published on 15-Apr-2020 06:51:56