Difference between RDBMS and MongoDB


RDBMS stands for Relational Database Management System. It stores data in form of entity as tables. It provides multiple layers on information security. Each table may or may not have a primary key which identifies a record uniquely in a table and a foreign key which indentifies the relationship between two tables. RDBMS uses SQL language to query databases. Examples of popular RDBMS are oracle, sql server, mysql etc.


MongoDB is a NoSQL database. It is open source. It is a document oriented database and it uses BSON which is binary version of JSON. BSON is a document storage format. MongoDB stores data in form of documents and do not use SQL to query databases. It supports distributed servers and provides a rich data model.

Sr. No.KeyRDBMSMongoDB
1ConceptRDBMS is a relational database management system and works on relational database.MongoDB is a non-relational, document oriented database management system and works on document based database.
2HiearchicalDifficult to store hiearchical data.Have inbuilt support to store hiearchical data.
3ScalablityRDBMS is vertically scalable. Performance increases with increase of RAM.MongoDB is horizontally scalable as well. Its performance increases with addition of processor.
4SchemaSchema need to be defined in RDBMS before using a database.Schema can be dynamically created and accessed in MongoDB.
5SQL InjectionVulnerable to SQL Injection attack.SQL injection is not possible.
6PrincipleFollows ACID principle, Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability.Follows CAP theorem, Consistency, Availability, and Partition tolerance.
7BasisDatabase uses Row.Database uses Document.
8BasisDatabase uses Column.Database uses Field.
9PerformanceRDBMS is slower in processing large hierachical data.MongoDB is blazingly fast in processing large hierachical data.
10JoinsRDBMS supports complex joins.MongoDB has no support for complex joins.
11JavaScript ClientRDBMS do not provide JavaScript based client to query database.MongoDB provides Javascript based client to query database.
12Query LanguageRDBMS uses SQL to query database.MongoDB uses BSON to query database.