Difference between RDBMS and HBase

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Both RDBMS and HBase, both are database management systems. RDBMS uses tables to represent data and their relationships. HBase is a column-oriented dbms and it works on top of Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).

Following are the important differences between RDBMS and HBase.

Sr. No.KeyRDBMSHBase
1DefinitionRDBMS stands for Relational DataBase Management System.HBase has no full form.
2SQLRDBMS requires SQL, Structured Query Language.HBase does not need SQL.
3SchemaRDBMS has a fixed schema.HBase has no fixed schema.
4OrientationRDBMS is row oriented.HBase is column oriented.
5ScalablityRDBMS faces problems in scalablity.HBase is highly scalable.
6NatureDBMS is static in nature.HBase is dynamic in nature.
7Data RetrievalRDBMS data retrieval is slow.HBase data retrieval is fast.
8RULERDBMS follws ACID(Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability) Rule.HBase follows CAP(Consistency, Availability, Partition-tolerance) Rule.
9Data structureRDBMS handles structural data.HBase handles structural, non-structural and semi-structural data.
10Sparse Data HandlingSparse data handling is not present.Sparse data handling is present.
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