Difference between OOP and POP

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OOP, refers to Object Oriented Programming and its deals with objects and their properties. Major concepts of OOPs are −

  • Class/objects

  • Abstraction

  • Encapsulation

  • Polymorphism

  • Inheritance


POP, refers to Procedural Oriented Programming and its deals with programs and functions. Programs are divided into functions and data is global.

Following are the important differences between OOP and POP.

1DefinitionOOP stands for Object Oriented Programing.POP stands for Procedural Oriented Programming.
2ApproachOOP follows bottom up approach.POP follows top down approach.
3DivisionA program is divided to objects and their interactions.A program is divided into funtions and they interacts.
4Inheritance supportedInheritance is supported.Inheritance is not supported.
5Access controlAccess control is supported via access modifiers.No access modifiers are supported.
6Data HidingEncapsulation is used to hide data.No data hiding present. Data is globally accessible.
7ExampleC++, JavaC, Pascal
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