Difference between NodeJS and ReactJS

ReactJS and NodeJS both are a widely used subsets of JavaScript nowadays with high performance. But both are different in someways. In the below article, we will discuss the difference between the two and which is better to use to build a web application and why ?


It is a completely open-source and cross-platform runtime environment used for executing JavaScript code outside of a browser.

The event driven model of NodeJs lets the user to create a fast and scalable network applications. First thing to remember about NodeJS is that its neither a framework and nor a programming language. NodeJS is a lightweight, efficient JavaScript runtime environment on the server side which is powered by the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine and uses a nonblocking I/O model to run applications.

Features of NodeJS

Following are the features of NodeJS which differs from other backend creating frameworks or languages −

  • NodeJS is easy to understand and get started with.

  • It can be used for prototyping and agile development.

  • Provides high performance and scalable services

  • Large ecosystem and contributors for open source library

  • Asynchronous and single threaded


In this example, we will see how to include the HTTP module to build the server in NodeJS.

Create a JS File as → filename.js

(You can create a file with other name as well. Just keep in mind that when running the code using node, change the name there too, else it will throw a FileNotFound error.)

var http = require('http');

// Creating a server object using http
http.createServer(function (req, res) {

   // Write a response to the client
   res.write('Welcome to the Tutorials Point !!!');

   // End the response

   // The server object listens on port 8080


For compiling the JS file go to the terminal and run the following command −

node filename.js


It is also an open-source JavaScript library (instead of a conventional web framework) that can be used with a web browser. It is used for building single page user interfaces or web browser apps. React's virtual DOM algorithm is a time-consuming and imprecise writing ode. It can be used as a base in all the signle-page, complex and interactive web projects. We can use react in nesting components to allow complex application to be built out of simple building blocks.

Features of ReactJS

Following are some of the features of ReactJS that makes it different from other programming languages −

  • It has reusable codes that makes it simple to learn and use.

  • The ReactJS library has JSX (JavaScript XML)

  • It supports one-way binding which provides complete control over the application

  • It has virtual DOM which represent better UI and keeps in memory, also syncs itself with the real DOM.

  • Since, it has virtual component – it gives smoother and faster performance.


Here is a React app project example. Create a ReactJS application project and edit the App.js file in the source folder −

import React, { Component } from 'react';

class App extends Component {

   render() {
      return (
         <div className="App">
            <h1>Hello from Tutorials Point !!</h1>
export default App;


Difference between NodeJS and ReactJS

It is mainly used as a backend frameworkIt is mainly used for developing web browser applications or user interfaces.
Supports the Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework.Does not supports the MVC framework
Uses only JavaScriptUses JSX and JavaScript
Easily handles real-time data streaming in applicationHard to keep track of data due to the traditional approach
No DOM (Document Object Model) concept.Uses Virtual DOM for faster and efficient processing.
It can handle requests and database calls from browsers along with giving back the response.It makes API calls to the backend and processed the in-broser data.

Updated on: 29-Apr-2021


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