Difference between MySQL and MongoDB

MySQL is a relational database. MongoDB is NoSQL Database.

Following are the important differences between MySQL and MongoDB.

Sr. No.KeyMySQLMongoDB
1Owned/Developed ByMySQL is owned by Oracle.MongoDB is developed by MongoDB Inc.
2Data StorageMySql stores data in tabular format as records in table.MongoDB stores records as documents.
3LanguageSQL, Structured Query Language is used to query database.Dynamic Schema. Predefined structure is defined for incoming data.
4Design ObjectivesNo efficient replication and Sharding available.High availability, Scalability, Replication and Sharding are inbuilt.
5TermsMongoDB uses Collection, Document, Field, Embedded Document, Linking etc.MySQL uses Table, Row, Column, Joins etc.
6Data StorageMySQL stores data in forms of records in table.MongoDB stores data in form of JSON like documents.