Difference Between Multimedia and Hypermedia

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In this post, we will understand the difference between multimedia and hypermedia −


  • It represents the different forms of information representation.

  • It is available in two types: Linear and non-linear.

  • It combines hypertext with itself to form hypermedia.

  • It is based on interaction and interactivity.

  • It requires its own delivery system that is known as multimedia delivery system.

  • It is a combination of media and content that stores information in a form across the devices.


  • It can be considered as an extension to hypertext.

  • It is not text-based.

  • It is available in one type only: Non-linear.

  • It combines hypertext and multimedia to represent information.

  • It is used for inter-connectivity among data attributes and for cross-referencing.

  • It provides clickable links that increase the capability of data.

  • It is uncommon, and generally used to represent non-linear data.

Published on 21-Apr-2021 07:42:21