Difference between MediaFire and BorgBase

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MediaFire is an online backup service that provides users services such as file hosting, file synchronization, and cloud storage. The company is based in Texas, United states.

  • MediaFire was founded by Derek Labian and Tom Langridge in June 2006 and has around 43 million registered users.

  • It is compatible with almost all platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and Web Browser.

  • MediaFire offers users 10 GB of free storage and up to 100 TB of paid storage with a maximum file size limit of 20 GB.

  • MediaFire supports single use links, file sharing both private and public, screen capture, selective syncing, notifications and also audio and video streaming.

Although MediaFire has been in the market for a long time, it has never been a common choice because of its poor privacy measures. The skeletal design and incompetence with other companies that offer much more security and features has affected the company and its reputation. They do not even have a desktop client that can sync your files to a computer and does not offer any type of encryption whatsoever. However, if one is looking for a basic storage space to dump their files that offers quite a good amount of free storage and a fairly good file size upload limit, then MediaFire is where one should go.


BorgBase is a file hosting service that is used for hosting borg repositories.

  • It's a free and open-source deduplicating backup software made preferably for Unix-based and Mac operating systems backed up by a large and active open-source community.

  • BorgBase, also known as attic backup software, was developed in 2010 to support a "more open, faster-paced development."

  • It offers 10 GB of free storage and two repositories for all their clients and provides unlimited storage space for paid clients.

  • Mainly developed using Python, it supports compression and 256-bit AES client-side encryption to protect all their data.

Difference between MediaFire and BorgBase

The following table highlights the major differences between MediaFire and BorgBase.

Offer users 10 GB of free storageOffers 10 GB of free storage and two repositories
Supported on all platformsNot supported on all platforms
Maximum file size is 20 GBNo maximum file sizes
Provides limited storageProvides unlimited storage upon payment
No encryption256-bit AES client-side encryption
Cheaper storage availableSlightly expensive comparatively
No bandwidth limitsBandwidth limit of 10 TB

Published on 26-Aug-2021 13:46:22