Difference between IBM and Accenture

IBM and Accenture are two of the most well-known companies in the world, both enjoying widespread recognition as market leaders in the IT services business. They are an IT consulting firm dedicated to advancing state of the art in productivity and quality of life.

The explosion of the Internet, social media, and smartphone technologies sparked the IT revolution. This shift is being driven by major IT organizations in an effort to create value and innovate. Multinational corporations at the forefront of this shift include IBM and Accenture, who together control the lion's share of the global information technology industry. Mainstream media not only covers them in their home countries but also follows them everywhere they go since they are the most prominent actors in the world of information technology.

Accenture is focused on providing IT services, while IBM is a larger firm with a wider range of services and more employees than Accenture. Both companies are multinational behemoths with an emphasis on service provision and an established reputation for quality.

What is IBM?

IBM is a multinational information technology firm headquartered in Armonk, New York. If you're looking for a computer, you should consider IBM. IBM not only designs and manufactures computer hardware and software but also provides hosting and consulting services to a diverse clientele that includes manufacturers and utility firms.

New York state records show that the Computing Tabulating Recording Company (CTR), the forerunner to IBM, was incorporated on June 16, 1911. After a merger, the three companies that made up CTR were the Computing Scale Company of America, the Tabulating Machine Company, and The International Time Recording Company of New York. The next year, in 1924, the company officially changed its name to IBM.

There are five distinct divisions that make up the company's core operations: Global Technology Services; Global Business Services; Software, Systems, and Technology; and Global Financing.

What is Accenture?

Accenture, with its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, is a worldwide IT consulting and outsourcing firm. In 2018, the IT firm's net revenues were over $39 billion, and the firm has customers and offices in more than 120 countries across the world.

This company had its beginnings in the 1950s in the consulting division of the then-named Arthur Anderson accounting firm. After splitting out from Arthur Anderson in 1989, the firm is currently known as Anderson Consulting. Several political and financial tensions arose within each camp after the separation, leading to a well-publicized arbitration and the eventual sale of Anderson Consulting in its entirety.

Eventually, in 2001, Anderson Consulting broke out as its own firm; the name change to Accenture was part of the arbitration settlement. Accenture also had a successful first public offering that same year. Since then, the company's global workforce has grown to almost 450,000.

Differences − IBM and Accenture

The following table highlights how IBM is different from Accenture −

Characteristics IBM Accenture


Armonk, New York serve as the home base for IBM, a worldwide information technology corporation.

Accenture is a multinational provider of professional information technology services with headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.


The Computing Tabulating Recording Company was the name given to IBM when it was first formed in the state of New York.

The consulting division of the erstwhile accountancy firm Arthur Anderson eventually evolved into what is now known as Accenture.


As of the end of the year 2018, Accenture reported having net sales of $41.60 billion.

As of the end of the year 2018, IBM announced staggering net sales of $79.51 billion.


IBM offers a wide variety of goods and services that cover a wide range of domains, thanks to its extensive product portfolio.

Accenture is primarily a technology services and management consulting company that operates on a worldwide scale.


The field of information technology services is dominated by service-based B2B corporations such as IBM and Accenture. IBM is a large company that offers a wide variety of products and services in a variety of industries. These industries include computer hardware and software, cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), commerce, Big Data, and everything in between. IBM's portfolio of products and services spans a diverse range of fields.

Accenture is a company that provides management consulting and technology services on a worldwide scale and has a high degree of awareness around the globe. Accenture's success may be attributed to the widespread use of computers and software by a large number of important businesses, including corporations that are ranked among the Fortune 500 and the Global Fortune 100.

Updated on: 15-Dec-2022


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