Difference Between HDX and HD

The key distinction between HDX and HD is that the former employs a suite of processing methods known as TruFilm, which Vudu has labeled. Vudu is one of several content distribution providers available to us. This service allows you to rent movies sent via the internet to your Vudu box for you to watch immediately or later. Previously, consumers could pick between SD and HD versions, but Vudu introduced a third format dubbed HDX.

HDX also offers the advantage of employing the 1080p24 resolution and frame rate, which is ideal for the current 40-inch and bigger televisions. Some HD movies use lower resolutions that may not seem as well on bigger TVs. The sound of the HDX movies has also been upgraded to give the impression that they are nearing Blu-ray quality.

The disadvantage of HDX movies is that they are fairly large compared to HD and SD movies. If you have a suitably fast connection, start the movie immediately and watch it while streaming using the latter two. Because HDX movies cannot be seen immediately, you must wait for the movie to download before watching it.

There are several formats in which a video can be recorded. As technology advances, significant breakthroughs are taking place to ensure that the requirement for people to see information in sound quality remains an important element. The fundamental distinction between the words HD and HDX may be explained by the number of horizontal lines employed. The horizontal lines of HD quality is 480 or 576. However, the number of horizontal lines in HDX is always larger than 720.

Read this article to find out more about HDX and HD and how they are different from each other.

What is HDX?

HDX is a high-definition video streaming service that allows customers to watch HD movies and TV episodes. HDX is compatible with many devices, including smart TVs, gaming consoles, and mobile devices. With the support of 1080p and Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 audio, HDX offers a higher quality video experience than other streaming services. Users may also download material for offline viewing using HDX.

HDX is a subscription-based service, with monthly rates beginning at $9.99. Users may access HDX's Ultra HD collection, which includes 4K video and HDR compatibility, for an extra $4.99 per month. HDX is now accessible in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

This type of technology is fresh to the market and allows consumers to see information of even higher quality than previously. The previous sort of visual restriction was High Definition. Still, Vudu, an online streaming platform, has offered its subscribers the ability to watch material of even higher quality, which is why the HDX was introduced.

This service allows users to watch movies, stream live material, and watch series as soon as they are available, but with the advent of Netflix, it has had to come up with something better to keep consumers engaged.

What is HD?

High-definition or HD, refers to a greater resolution than standard. HD technology products include HDTVs, HD monitors, and HD cameras. Some internet sources, such as HD video streaming sites, also provide HD material. An HD device and an HD source are required to display HD content. HD devices are built to display HD material at their finest. They often have an HDMI connection for receiving an HD signal from an HD source.

HD sources deliver content in HD resolution. This might be either original HD video captured in HD or standard-definition content upscaled to HD. To see the upscaled video in HD, you must have an HD device capable of doing this sort of conversion. Not all HD gadgets can do this, so double-check before you buy.

HD is an abbreviation for High Definition, referring to videos of the highest quality. This is higher than the standard definition and has a higher resolution, allowing users to experience the greatest views. There is no official definition of this phrase, which can lead to misunderstanding. Still, the major way it is used is that any video with more than 480 horizontal lines is called HD in America, while any video with more than 576 lines is considered HD in Europe. This is the norm. However, no video should be smaller than 480 pixels wide − otherwise, it will be classified as SD.

The earliest HD systems, which had 405 lines, were released in 1941 and will not qualify as high-quality videos today. Several modifications have occurred throughout the years, and we now have a standard for such content. Various terminologies might help you learn more about it, such as display resolution, which is the number of lines.

The scanning system, which comprises two types of scanning, assists in learning about the image. The final one is the frame rate, which is the most prevalent broadcasting constraint in the globe.

Differences between HDX and HD

The following table highlights the major differences between HDX and HD −





HDX is an abbreviation for High Definition. The HDX was launched because the internet streaming platform enabled viewers to watch material of even higher quality.

HD is an abbreviation for High Definition. HD refers to videos that are of the highest quality.

Visual Quality

HDX creates the illusion of an unreal world.

HD creates the illusion of reality.

Number of lines

In HDX, the number of horizontal lines is always more than 720.

In HD quality, the number of horizontal lines is 480 or 576.


HDX videos are substantially bigger and can exceed terabytes in size.

HD movies are less in size and can only be a few megabytes.

Quality of sound

The HDX has substantially higher sound quality than the HD.

The sound quality in HD is not as good as in HDX.


HDX is superior to HD. With nearly identical costs, nothing stops you from watching HDX movies. However, HD movies are the only viable option for on-the-fly movie viewing. HDX makes advantage of TruFilm processing technology, whereas HD does not.

HD employs a range of HD resolutions, but HDX use just 1080p24. HDX provides far superior audio to HD. HD movies can be started immediately, while HDX movies cannot.

Updated on: 13-Feb-2023

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