Difference between Hadoop 1 and Hadoop 2

As we know that in order to maintain the Big data and to get the corresponding reports in different ways from this data we use Hadoop which is an Open Source framework from Apache Software Foundation based on Java Programming Language.

Now Apache introduces the next version of Hadoop which named as Hadoop 2 so as this post is focusing on differences between both of these versions.

Following are the main differences between Hadoop 1 and Hadoop 2.

Sr. No.KeyHadoop 1Hadoop 2
1New Components and APIAs Hadoop 1 introduced prior to Hadoop 2 so has some less components and APIs as compare to that of Hadoop 2.On other hand Hadoop 2 introduced after Hadoop 1 so has more components and APIs as compare to Hadoop 1 such as YARN API,YARN FRAMEWORK, and enhanced Resource Manager.
2SupportHadoop 1 only supports MapReduce processing model in its architecture and it does not support non MapReduce tools.On other hand Hadoop 2 allows to work in MapReducer model as well as other distributed computing models like Spark, Hama, Giraph, Message Passing Interface) MPI & HBase coprocessors.
3Resource ManagementMap reducer in Hadoop 1 is responsible for processing and cluster-resource management.On other hand in case of Hadoop 2 for cluster resource management YARN is used while processing management is done using different processing models.
4ScalabilityAs Hadoop 1 is prior to Hadoop 2 so comparatively less scalable than Hadoop 2 and in context of scaling of nodes it is limited to 4000 nodes per clusterOn other hand Hadoop 2 has better scalability than Hadoop 1 and is scalable up to 10000 nodes per cluster.
5ImplementationHadoop 1 is implemented as it follows the concepts of slots which can be used to run a Map task or a Reduce task only.On other hand Hadoop 2 follows concepts of containers that can be used to run generic tasks.
6Windows SupportInitially in Hadoop 1 there is no support for Microsoft Windows provided by Apache.On other hand with an advancement in version of Hadoop Apache provided support for Microsoft windows in Hadoop 2.

Updated on: 25-Feb-2020

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