Difference Between Golang and Dart

Golang and Dart are two popular programming languages used in developing web, mobile, and desktop applications. Golang is a compiled programming language that was developed by Google in 2007. On the other hand, Dart is a relatively new programming language developed by Google in 2011. Both languages have their unique features and advantages, but also their differences. In this article, we will compare Golang and Dart in terms of performance, syntax, community, and use cases.

Difference Between Golang and Dart

Performance Comparison

One of the major factors in choosing a programming language is performance. Both Golang and Dart are known for their fast execution speed, but Golang is considered to be faster than Dart in most cases. This is due to Golang's strong typing, compiled nature, and efficient memory allocation. On the other hand, Dart has a Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler that allows it to optimize the code at runtime and improve performance.

Syntax Comparison

Another important aspect of programming languages is syntax. Golang and Dart have different syntaxes that may appeal to different programmers. Golang uses C-like syntax with curly braces, while Dart has a more modern syntax that is similar to JavaScript. Golang is known for its simplicity and readability, while Dart's syntax is more verbose and may require more lines of code.

Community Comparison

The community behind a programming language is crucial for its development and support. Both Golang and Dart have active communities that provide support, resources, and updates. Golang has a larger and more established community due to its longer existence, which means more libraries, frameworks, and tools are available for developers. Dart's community is relatively smaller, but it is growing rapidly due to its increasing popularity.

Use Cases Comparison

Finally, Golang and Dart have different use cases. Golang is primarily used for backend development, network programming, and system programming due to its speed and efficiency. Dart, on the other hand, is used for developing mobile and web applications, particularly using Google's Flutter framework. Dart is also used for server-side programming, although it is less common than Golang.

Golang vs Dart





Faster execution speed

Fast due to JIT compiler


Similar to C, simple and concise

Modern and verbose


Established and larger

Growing and active

Use Cases

Backend and system programming

Mobile and web app development


Both Golang and Dart have their strengths and weaknesses. Golang is faster and more efficient, making it ideal for backend and system programming. Dart, on the other hand, has a more modern syntax and is used primarily for mobile and web app development using Flutter. Ultimately, the choice between Golang and Dart will depend on the specific use case, programmer preference, and project requirements.

Updated on: 12-Apr-2023


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