Difference between FTP and TFTP

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FTP stands for File Transfer Protocal. It is used to copy files from one host to another host location. FTP works on Port 20 and 21. Port 20 is used for data and Port 21 is used for connection control


TFTP stands for Trivial File Transfer Protocol. It is lighter the FTP and is used when a file transfer functionality is need without FTP features. It works on Port 69 and follows UDP protocol.

Following are the important difference between FTP and TFTP.

1Stands ForFile Transfer ProtocolTrivial File Transfer Protocol
2Software SizeFTP software is heavyier than TFTP.TFTP is light.
3PortsFTP works on port 20, 21.TFTP works on port 69.
4Protocol usedFTP is based on TCP.TFTP is based on UDP.
5ComplexityFTP is more complex than TFTP.TFTP is less complex than FTP.
6CommandsFTP has lots of commands or messages.TFTP has only five messages.
7AuthenticationAuthentication is must for FTP.Authentication is not requird in case of TFTP.
Published on 27-Nov-2019 09:15:38