Difference Between Fact Table and Dimension Table


In this post, we will understand the difference between fact table and dimension table.

Fact Table

  • It is also known as a reality table.

  • It can be a combination of attributes from completely different dimension table.

  • It helps the user to understand the business dimensions that would help improve the business.

  • It contains less attributes.

  • It contains more records.

  • It forms a vertical table.

  • It comes after the dimension table.

  • In a schema, the number of fact tables are less in comparison to number of dimension tables.

  • The attributes in a fact table can be in numerical or text format.

  • It can be used for analysis, and decision-making process.

Dimension Table

  • Dimension table facilitates the fact table to gather the dimensions on the data that needs to be collected.

  • It contains attributes on which truth table calculates the metric values.

  • It contains more attributes in comparison to fact table.

  • It contains less rows in comparison to dimension table.

  • It forms a horizontal table.

  • The attribute format is in text form.

  • It occurs before the fact table.

  • The schema contains more dimensions in comparison to fact table.

  • The dimension table helps store information about business and its process.

Published on 15-Apr-2021 07:29:52