Difference between DLP(Digital Light Processing) and LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) projectors.

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DLP Projector

DLP Projector uses reflective projection method combining microelectrochemical system (MEMS) and projection display using Digital Micrometer Device (DMD) microchip. The microship is made up of MEMS array of semiconductor-based digital light switches which are used to efficient control the source of light.

Image projection

Digital light switches in DMD chips work as mirrors. Each mirror is hinged and filp with two angles. First angled mirror reflects the light to projector aperture and produces a light pixel. Other angled mirror reflects the light far from projector and generates a dark pixel on screen. Gray scale is generated by flipping mirrors at very fast speed between two angles.

LCD Projector

LCD Projector uses Liquid Crytal Display devices which are very small and are used to transfer the light instead of reflection. LCD projector uses three panels to represent each color and a fourth panel is used to improve the color quality.

Image projection

Changing electric signals are sent to each pixel in swift manner. Light is transferred through LCD panel and generates a bright pixel on screen and similarly light can be absorbed to generate a dard pixel on screen.

Following are the important difference between DLP Projector and LCD projector.

Sr. No.KeyDLP ProjectorLCD projector
1BaseReflective technology is used to project images.Transmissive technology is used to project images.
2Pixel visibilityPixel visibiltiy is poor.Pixel visibiltiy is high.
3Color supportThose Colors are available which are acceptable for brightness.LCD projectors are highly configurable to set color quality and accuracy.
4MisconvergenceMisconvergence is not present.Misconvergence is present.
5ProjectionImage is projected on screen by reflecting the light.Light is transmitted to show the image on the screen.
6GapSmaller gap between pixels as compared to LCD.Large gap between pixels as compared to DLP.
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