Difference Between DLP and LCD Projector

In this post, we will understand the difference between DLP and LCD projector −

DLP Projector (Digital Light Processing)

  • It is a type of projector that uses a digital micro mirror device.

  • One of the chip has a reflective surface that contains thousands of tiny mirrors that are coordinated with a light source.

  • This helps reflect the digital imagery on to any surface.

  • It provides smooth video.

  • The pixels are less visible.

  • It is more film-like, as on HDTV.

  • It shows the rainbow effect.

  • The intensity of black is amazing.

  • It is portable since it is small and light in weight.

  • The light source could be a standard lamp or an LED.

  • It is a reflective type of technology.

  • It is priced between $300 to $1000 and above.

  • It has high contrast.

  • The contrast is higher in comparison to LCD.

  • Sometimes, it produces audible whines.

  • The reds are not as intense.

  • The yellow is extremely intense.

  • The colours are fully saturated.

  • It provides good quality pictures but they are not as good as that of LCD projectors.

  • It was invented in the year 1987.

LCD Projector (Liquid Crystal Display)

  • It is a type of video projector that helps display video, images or computer data on a screen or any other flat surface.

  • It is the modern equivalent of a slide or an overhead projector.

  • The light is projected onto mirrors which are split into 3 primary colors: red, green and blue.

  • These colours pass through 3 separate prisms, and the colours are converged through the second prism to be projected on screen.

  • It has rich colour dynamics in ambient light.

  • It consumes less power.

  • It gives away less heat.

  • It doesn’t cause the rainbow effect.

  • The images are sharp.

  • The pixels are prominently visible.

  • It has poor contrast.

  • Black is not as intense as in DLP.

  • Some screen door effects the video images.

  • It gives better quality images with a sharper image.

  • Its image quality is better than that of DLP projectors.

  • It doesn’t include the rainbow effect.

  • Its contrast is lower than that of DLP.

  • It is not portable since it is bulky.

  • It comes in the price range of $250 to $1000 and above.

  • Its light source is a standard lamp.

  • It uses transmissive technology.

  • It was invented in the year 1968.

Updated on: 24-Apr-2021


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