Difference Between dispose() and finalize() in C#

In this post, we will understand the difference between the methods ‘dispose’, and ‘finalize’ in C#.


  • This method is defined in the IDisposable interface.

  • It has to be invoked by the user.

  • Whenever it is invoked, it helps free the unmanaged resources.

  • It can be implemented whenever a close() method is present.

  • It is declared as public method.

  • It is quick, and instantly disposes an object.

  • Since it performs instantaneously, it doesn’t affect performance.


  • It is a method that is defined in the java.lang.object class.

  • It is invoked by the garbage collector.

  • It helps free the unmanaged resources just before the object is destroyed.

  • It is implemented to manage the unmanaged resources.

  • It is declared as private.

  • It is slower in comparison to the ‘dispose’ method.

  • Since it is slow, it affects the performance of the websites or applications.

Updated on: 24-Mar-2021


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