Difference Between COCOMO 1 and COCOMO 2

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In this post, we will understand the difference between COCOMO 1 and COCOMO 2 −


  • It is used in waterfall model of software development cycle.

  • It helps give estimates required for the efforts and schedule.

  • It is based on the linear reuse formula.

  • It is based on the assumption of reasonable stable requirements.

  • The effort equation has an exponent that is figured out using 3 development modes.

  • The development begins after the requirements are assigned to software.

  • The number of sub-models are 3.

  • It has 15 cost drivers assigned to it.

  • The size of the software is measured in terms of lines of code.


  • It is used in non-sequential, rapid development of models.

  • It also helps reuse the models of software.

  • It helps provide estimates which represent a standard deviation near the most likely estimate.

  • It is based on the non-linear formula of reuse.

  • It is based on the reuse model that focuses on effort required to understand and estimate.

  • The effort equation has an exponent that is determined by 5 scale factors.

  • It uses spiral development method.

  • The number of sub-models required are 4.

  • It is assigned with 17 cost drivers.

  • The size of software is stated in terms of object points, function points and lines of code.

Published on 27-Apr-2021 06:37:43