Difference Between Cache and Cookies

In this post, we will understand the difference between cache and cookies −


  • It helps store the content of the website which is used frequently.

  • The content of the website is stored in the browser.

  • It expires manually.

  • It consumes more space.

  • Different types of cache are: Browser cache and proxy cache.

  • It stores contents like HTML pages, images, JavaScript, CSS.

  • It doesn’t send a response with a request.


  • It helps store the user’s choice.

  • The contents of the cookie are stored in both the server and browser.

  • It expires automatically.

  • It consumes less space.

  • Different types of cookies are: Transient cookies and persistent cookies.

  • A cookie stores the contents such as browsing sessions and temporary tracking data.

  • A cookie sends a response with the requests.