Difference between Bandwidth and Throughput

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Bandwidth refers to data capacity of a channel. It is defined as the potential of data which can be transferred in specific period of time.


Throughput refers to measurement of data transferred in a specific time period. It is also termed as effective data rate or payload rate.

Following are the important difference between Bandwidth and Throughput.

Sr. No.KeyBandwidthThroughput
1DefinitionData Capacity of a channel which can be transferred in specific period of time.Actual measure of data transferred over a specific period of time.
2Measurement UnitBitsBits per Sec
3ObjectiveTo trasfer data.To communicate.
4LayerPhysical Layer of OSI model.Any Layer of OSI model.
5DependencyNo Dependency.Dependent on latency.
6ImpactNot impacted by physical obstructions.Highly impacted by external interference, network devices, transmission errors.
7AnalogySpeed of Water coming out of tap in particular time frame.Actual water flown out of tap in particular time frame.
Published on 27-Nov-2019 09:12:50