Difference Between Backup and Recovery

In this post, we will understand the difference between backup and recovery.


  • It refers to storing a copy of the original data in a separate memory location.

  • It is basically a copy of data that is used to restore the original data in case of a data loss/damage.

  • It is the replication of data.

  • It just keeps one extra copy to ensure data is not lost forever.

  • It helps in giving data protection.

  • It makes the process of data recovery hassle free and easy.

  • It is an affordable process.

  • It is used in production environments.

Example - SnapManager helps create a backup of data and everything else in the database.


  • It refers to restoring the lost data when there is failure.

  • It is a process of retrieving lost or corrupted or damaged data to its original form.

  • It is the process of storing the data back to the database.

  • Backup is used to recover the data.

  • It improves the reliability of the database.

  • Recovery is an expensive process.

  • It is not used frequently in production environments.

  • The cost of recovery is expensive.

Example: SnapManager helps recover the data to its last transaction.