Difference between Backblaze B2 and MediaFire

Backblaze B2 was founded in 2015 by Backblaze Incorporation. It is one of the cheapest cloud storage available in the market. Mediafire was founded in August 2006 by Derek Labian and Tom Langridge. Even though they are both cloud storage services, there are many significant differences.

The following table highlights the points that differentiate Backblaze B2 and MediaFire −

Backblaze B2Mediafire
It is mainly used by software professionals and business people to back up their data. There is no limit to data storage.It can be used for small-scale commercial applications and private usage. There is a limit to data storage.
It is free for a specific amount of space. After 10 GB, there is a very low cost for more space, and after 1 TB, there is a charge of 5$ per TB per Month.It provides free 10 GB storage and can be increased to 50 GB freely. It provides a maximum paid storage capacity of 100 TB. The maximum file size for uploading is 20 GB.
It uses object type storage, i.e., each data is wrapped up by metadata and a unique ID to retrieve data easily.It has a simple file storage mechanism.
There is no encryption of data stored in Backblaze B2; therefore, it is less secure to store important data that needs to be protected. However, there is an option for server-side encryption in their cloud. We can also use third-party apps to encrypt from our side.There is no encryption of data. Therefore, it is better to use Mediafire only for low-security data storage purposes.
This cloud is made easy by many partnering developers and integrations like Cloudflare, Iconik, Synology, MSP360, Veeam, QNAP, etc.There are some features like automatic sync of files from the devices, easy recovery of deleted files, shared folder features, easy sharing, etc.
There are no social or promotional activities like downloading apps that we can do to increase the free storage.There are many social and promotional activities that users can do to increase free storage from 10 GB to 50GB.
There are command-line tools that we can use to do queries in Backblaze B2.There are no ways to do SQL queries as it has a simple file management system.
It is a part of Backblaze Corp and has convenient support services in customer queries and problems.It does not have partners that help in the recovery of data.
Generally, users are not disturbed by annoying ads.In the free version, it has many ads on the download page.
By default, Backblaze B2 doesn't offer different storage classes for easy access of data during recovery. But, some integrations help users easily recover their data by following the 3-2-1 backup rule.There are no special data storage classes. All the data are retrieved at the same pace.
It is available in almost all countries.It is also available in almost every part of the world.