Difference Between 2D and 3D Shapes

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In this post, we will understand the difference between 2D shape and 3D shape −

2D Shape

  • It has two dimensions- the length and the breadth.

  • The mathematical axes are x-axis and y-axis.

  • It is used to give a simple view of an object.

  • The edges of a two dimensional shape are clearly visible.

  • It is easy to draw the details of a two dimensional shape.

  • They are easy to explain due to the clarity of the edges.

  • It is easy to draw two dimensional shapes.

  • Examples include circle, rectangle, and square.

3D Shape

  • It has three dimensions- the length, breadth and the height.

  • The mathematical axes are x-axis, y-axis and z-axis.

  • It is used to give an architectural view of an object.

  • All the edges of a three dimensional shape are not clearly visible, some are hidden.

  • It is difficult to draw the details of a three dimensional shape.

  • Only the outer dimensions can be explained.

  • It is difficult to draw three dimensional shapes.

  • Examples include cylinder, cuboid, cube, prism.

Published on 27-Apr-2021 06:29:19