Determining the User IP Address in Node

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Node.js is a completely open source technology that runs on JavaScript runtime environment. When the users want to access a website or link, they connect with the link using their system IP. We can use the dns.lookup() method in Node to find the IP address of the current user.


dns.lookup(hostname, [options], callback)


The parameters are described below −

  • hostname − This input parameter consists of the web link which is valid or active.

  • options − Default is 0. It takes input for the IP type, i.e., 4 for Ipv4 and 6 for Ipv6.

  • callback − Handles any error if it occurs

Example 1

Create a file with the name "ipAddress.js" and copy the following code snippet. After creating the file, use the command "node ipAddress.js" to run this code.

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// Getting IP of user

// Importing the DNS module
const dns = require('dns');

// Pass the user DNS for which IP is needed
(err, addresses, family) => {
   // Print the IP address of user
   console.log('IP Address : ', addresses);
   // Print the number of families found
   console.log('IP Family: ', family);


ode>> node ipAddress.js IP Address: IP Family: 4
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