Count of Months Measures

You can create the Count of Months measures that can be used in creating Headcount measures and Cost Per Head measures. These measures count the distinct values of Fiscal Month column where the Actual column / Budget column / Forecast column has non-zero values in the Finance Data table. This is required because the Finance Data table contains zero values in the Actual column and those rows are to be excluded while calculating Headcount and Cost per Head.

Creating Count of Actual Months Measure

You can create Count of Actual Months measure as follows −

CountOfActualMonths:=CALCULATE(DISTINCTCOUNT('FinanceData' [Fiscal Month]),'Finance Data'[Actual]<>0)

Creating Count of Budget Months Measure

You can create Count of Budget Months measure as follows −

CountOfBudgetMonths:=CALCULATE(DISTINCTCOUNT('FinanceData' [Fiscal Month]),'Finance Data'[Budget]<>0)

Creating Count of Forecast Months Measure

You can create Count of Forecast Months measure as follows −

CountOfForecastMonths:=CALCULATE(DISTINCTCOUNT('FinanceData' [Fiscal Month]),'Finance Data'[Forecast]<>0)

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