Customer Service - Generating Business


Customer service associates are the people who deal directly with existing and potential customers. So by providing good service, they can assist in generating business. Let us see how.

Upselling and Cross Selling

Even after a customer has made a purchase or made up her mind, it is possible to upsell or cross sell. The technique of encouraging a customer to buy more expensive item, upgrade a product or service, or opt for product add-ons is called upselling. For example, in a bookstore, the customer can be persuaded to buy hardcover rather than paperback edition, or other books by the same author, thereby increasing the purchase value.

The technique of persuading a customer to buy a related or complimenting product is called cross selling. Taking forward the previous example of a book store, a customer can be encouraged to buy books by other authors but in the same genre.

How to Follow Up

Once a purchase has been made, you should not forget the customer because there is always a possibility of upselling or cross selling. But before you do that you must nurture a relationship with the customer.

Here are some tips for establishing and nurturing a relationship with the customer −

  • Call up to check on customer’s progress after purchase of product or service

  • Set up your database to send birthday and anniversary greetings

  • Send an occasional snail mail as surprise element

  • Send personalized thank you note

How to Address Complaints

There are four steps in addressing a customer complaint and delivering world-class customer service. These are as follows −

Understand the Problem

You must patiently listen to what the customer has to say and understand her problem.

Reiterate What You have Understood

Repeat to the customer what you have understood, so that both of you are on the same plane and there is no misunderstanding.

Resolve the Problem

Solve the problem to the customer’s satisfaction. Closure of the problem must be there from the customer’s end.

Thank the Customer

Always thank the customer for giving you the chance to help him. Remember, it goes a long way in building brand value. Also, if the customer had given up on your service or product without trying to resolve, you would have lost valuable customer.