C++ Program to Implement the String Search Algorithm for Short Text Sizes

In this C++ program, as input, a text and a pattern are given. As output, the pattern is searched in the text and all instances of the pattern are given.


   Take the string and pattern as input.
   Declare the original and duplicate array with their size.
   Put the lengths of original and duplicate in len_ori and len_dupli.
   Make a loop for find out the position of the searched pattern.
   If pattern is not found, print not found otherwise print the no of instances of the searched pattern.

Example Code

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using namespace std;

int main() {
   char ori[120], dupli[120];
   int i, j, k = 0, len_ori, len_dupli;

   cout<<"enter string without any blank space"<<endl;

   cout<<"\nEnter Original String:";

   cout<<"Enter Pattern to Search:";

   len_ori = strlen(ori);
   len_dupli = strlen(dupli);

   for (i = 0; i <= (len_ori - len_dupli); i++) // loop to find out the position Of searched pattern {
      for (j = 0; j < len_dupli; j++) {
         if (ori[i + j] != dupli[j])
         break ;
      if (j == len_dupli) {
         cout<<"\nPattern Found at Position: "<<i;
   if (k == 0)
      cout<<"\nNo Match Found!";
      cout<<"\nTotal Instances Found = "<<k;
      return 0;


enter string without any blank space

Enter Original String:Enter Pattern to Search:
Pattern Found at Position: 0
Pattern Found at Position: 1
Pattern Found at Position: 2
Pattern Found at Position: 3
Total Instances Found = 4