C++ Program to Implement Pairs in STL

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Pair is a simple container which consists of two data object:

‘first’ = The first element is referenced as ‘first’
‘second’ = the second element and the order is fixed (first, second).

Pair can be assigned, compared and copied. It is used to combine together two values which may be different in type.

Syntax is: pair<data type1, data type 2>variable name(datavalue1, datavalue2).


   Write pair<data type1,data type 2>variable name(datavalue1,datavalue2)
   Print the pairs

Example Code

using namespace std;
int main() {
   pair <char,int> value('a',7);
   pair <string,double> fruit ("grapes",2.30);
   pair <string,double> food ("pulao",200);
   cout<<"The value of "<<value.first<<" is "<<value.second <<endl;
   cout<<"The price of "<<fruit.first<<" is Rs. "<<fruit.second <<endl;
   cout<<"The price of "<<food.first<<" is Rs. "<<food.second <<endl;
   return 0;


The value of a is 7
The price of grapes is Rs. 2.3
The price of pulao is Rs. 200
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