C++ Program to Find ith Largest Number from a Given List Using Order-Statistic Algorithm

This is a C++ program to find ith largest number from a given list using Order-Statistic Algorithm.


   function Insert() to insert nodes into the tree:
      root, d.
      Body of the function:
      If tree is completely null then insert new node as root.
      If d = tmp->data, increase the count of that particular node.
      If d < tmp->data, move the tmp pointer to the left child.
      If d > tmp->data, move the tmp pointer to the right child.
   function AssignRank() to assign rank to each node of the tree:
      Body of the function:
      If left child of the root is not null.
         Then assign rank to the left child of the root.
      Increase the rank count.
      If right child of the root is not null.
         then assign rank to the right child of the root.
   function Select() to search Kth smallest element from the data stored in the tree:
      Root, searched element k.
      Body of the function:
      If found to be equal, return to main and print the result.
      Else If it is greater then
         shift the temporary variable to the right child.
         shift the temporary variable to the left child.


using namespace std;
static int cnt = 0;
struct nod //declaration of node 
   int data;
   int rank;
   nod *l;
   nod *r;
nod* CreateNod(int d) //creation of new node
   nod *newnod = new nod;
   newnod->data = d;
   newnod->rank = 0;
   newnod->l = NULL;
   newnod->r = NULL;
   return newnod;
nod* Insert(nod* root, int d) //perform insertion
   nod *tmp = CreateNod(d);
   nod *t = new nod;
   t = root;
   if(root == NULL)
      root = tmp;
   else {
      while(t != NULL) {
         if(t->data < d ) {
            if(t->r== NULL) {
               t->r = tmp;
            t = t->r;
         } else if(t->data > d) {
            if(t->l == NULL) {
               t->l= tmp;
            t = t->l;
   return root;
void AssignRank(nod *root) //assign rank to the nodes
   if(root->l!= NULL)
      root->rank = cnt;
      if(root->r != NULL)
int Select(nod* root, int k) //select kth largest element
   if(root->rank == k)
      return root->data;
   else if(root->rank > k)
      return Select(root->l, k);
      return Select(root->r, k);
void display(nod *root) //display the tree.
   if(root->l != NULL)
   cout<<"\n data: "<<root->data<<" rank: "<<root->rank;
   if(root->r != NULL)
int main() {
   char c;
   int n, i, k, a[10]={4,7,6,1,10,3,2,15,16,20};
   nod *root = new nod;
   root = NULL;
   for(i = 0; i < 10; i++)
      root = Insert(root, a[i]); //call the function insert()
   cout<<"Enter the value of k: ";
   AssignRank(root); //call the function Assignrank()
   cout<<"\nRank associated to each node:-";
   display(root); //call the function display()
   cout<<"\n\nThe kth Largest element is: "<<Select(root, 10-k);
   return 0;


Enter the value of k: 7
Rank associated to each node:-
data: 1 rank: 0
data: 2 rank: 1
data: 3 rank: 2
data: 4 rank: 3
data: 6 rank: 4
data: 7 rank: 5
data: 10 rank: 6
data: 15 rank: 7
data: 16 rank: 8
data: 20 rank: 9
The kth Largest element is: 4
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