Corona vs. Phonegap vs. Titanium

In this article we’ll learn about Corona, PhoneGap and Titanium, though all these technologies are different, the common thing between these is that they all are cross platform. i.e they can be used to write program once and then run that on multiple platforms like iPhones and android devices.

Corona − Corona is a free and open source SDK (Software development kit), developed by corona Labs roughly 10 years ago in 2009. Corona is mainly for developing 2D mobile applications for most of the platforms including iOS, Android, Desktop/ Windows Applications. Corona is based on top of C++ and openGL to build applications with graphics. Corona provides APIs for Graphics, networking, and other Device hardware information. Corona is mainly used for 2D game development, and cross platform applications.

PhoneGap − PhoneGap is another free, open source and cross platform SDK, developed for mobile application development, by Adobe systems. Unlike Corona this technology does not need any previous knowledge of programming language like C++ or other languages. To develop using PhoneGap, previous knowledge of web development languages like, HTML, CSS, JavaScript is a plus point. To install PhoneGap you first need to install nodeJS and later install PhoneGap from their official website.

Titanium − Similar to other two SDKs mentioned above, Titanium is also an open source, cross platform, free Software development kit, based on Javascript to develop hybrid as well as native applications for multiple platforms and operating systems. Titanium SDK is currently owned by Appcelerator, and supports reusability of more than 60% of code. Titanium is regularly updated and provides more than 5000 APIs for development.

All of the above technologies are really good for mobile application development and for cross platform development.

Updated on: 27-Jun-2020


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