Convert.ToDateTime(String, IFormatProvider) Method in C#

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The Convert.ToDateTime() method in C# converts the specified string representation of a number to an equivalent date and time, using the specified culture-specific formatting information.


Following is the syntax −

public static DateTime ToDateTime (string val, IFormatProvider provider);

Above, value is a string that contains a date and time to convert, whereas the provider is an object that supplies culture-specific formatting information.


Let us now see an example to implement the Convert.ToDateTime() method −

using System;
using System.Globalization;
public class Demo {
   public static void Main(){
      CultureInfo cultures = new CultureInfo("en-US");
      String val = "11/11/2019";
      Console.WriteLine("Converted DateTime value...");
      DateTime res = Convert.ToDateTime(val, cultures);
      Console.Write("{0}", res);


This will produce the following output −

Converted DateTime value...
11/11/2019 12:00:00 AM
Published on 05-Nov-2019 14:03:43