Convert an integer to a hex string in C++

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In this program we will see how to convert an integer to hex string. To convert an integer into hexadecimal string we can follow mathematical steps. But in this case we have solved this problem using simple trick.

In C / C++ there is a format specifier %X. It prints the value of some variable into hexadecimal form. We have used this format specifier to convert number into a string by using sprintf() function.

Input: An integer number 255
Output: FF


Step 1:Take a number from the user
Step 2: Make a string after converting number using %X format specifier
Step 3: Print the result.
Step 4: End

Example Code

 Live Demo

using namespace std;
main() {
   int n;
   char hex_string[20];
   cout << "Enter a number: ";
   cin >> n;
   sprintf(hex_string, "%X", n); //convert number to hex
   cout << hex_string;


Enter a number: 250
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