Computer Networks – Ransomware Attack on the US Maritime Sector in 2019

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The United States military is considered to be one of the most sophisticated forces in the world. However, it was challenged and called into question by a 2019 attack on one of the United States' naval stations.

Ryuk Ransomware

The US Coast Guard's Christmas 2019 celebrations were apparently ruined by a Ryuk Ransomware assault, which purportedly interrupted government agencies' activities for more than 33 hours. A risk management program was created in accordance with the security protocol, following the best practices outlined in the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) and NIST Special Publication 800-82.

  • This is a form of ransomware assault that may have entered the network by a phishing email with a malicious link that was opened by a naval expert.

  • When the link was clicked, it gained access to and encrypts crucial network files. Hackers wanted $14 million (£10.6 million) to reclaim control of the hacked systems.

  • For more than 30 hours, these encrypted data disrupted activities such as CCTV cameras, door access control systems, and other essential monitoring systems.

Further investigation of the assault revealed that the malware that encrypted the database file was of the RYUK type.

Due to security concerns, the location of the naval facility was not revealed. Other marine bases are being alerted to verify their systems for any suspicious behavior, according to higher officials.

Before the incident, the FBI had informed the US marine that there was a risk of a significant cyber-attack on port infrastructure in November-December 2019. The US Coast Guard, instead of a warning, was unable to halt the attack and suffered heavily.

According to authorities, the FBI had foreseen the assault. Still, US marines treated it as "not serious," resulting in a $14 million loss, which the hackers wanted to restore their original server sessions.

The start of the assault was aided by phishing; nevertheless, if officials had carefully analyzed the electronic communication, the situation might not have been as dire.

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