Companies in the Internet of Things to Join

The Internet of Things is making all the sensations in the digital and physical worlds. With the discovery of the Internet of Things (IoT), complete automation is now possible. Ideas such as smart homes, smart cities, smart factories, smart offices, and connected vehicles can now become a reality with IoT.

In the time coming ahead, more and more devices will be connected to the Internet. Future demand for more dependable and secure IoT technology across various industries and residential services will increase. On the other hand, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are investing more in IoT research and focusing on cutting-edge IoT firms.

Top Internet of Things Companies

Internet of Thing companies deals with the technology that connects different devices that can be embedded in anything with a network. When connected to a network, these devices send notifications to your phones if there is any critical condition.

In this article, we will tell you more about IoT and the top startups and well-established companies that are doing well off in the field of IoT.


Well, you must have come across this China based company that produces smartphones, tablets, laptops, and many network equipment. But you might not know that it is also a giant IoT company that provides exceptional discoveries in the IoT field. Huawei offers a wide range of solutions, including smart buildings, smart parking, shared bike locks, smart gas, and smart gas with smoke detection.

The company focuses mostly on the following

  • Suggests that big companies and firms have smart solutions for their businesslevel operations.

  • Though it does not have any indigenous IoT software, it provides various IoT tools and software to make IoT-oriented environments around the globe.

  • Provides services with communication modules and chips, EC-IoT gateways,smart home gateways, and IoT network integration.

  • It has a cloud platform that provides a secured and integrated data connection.


It is a startup of Google making exceptional progress in the Internet of Things field. It is a company placed in Belarus founded in the year 2004. They have a pool of specialists with in-depth expertise and experience in integrating various IoT systems. Their IoT work mostly focuses on AR, VR, and mixed reality.

The company focuses mostly on the following

  • To serve the business purpose, they can offer augmented reality or virtual reality projects with various special effects.

  • Amalgamates augmented or virtual reality with mixed reality and provides services with new projects.

  • Offers sophisticated smartphone apps that can manage virtual reality equipment.

  • Helps customers use augmented reality apps with geolocation capabilities.

  • Creates an ECG simulator based on virtual reality to support the medical industry.


ARM is an IoT-based company that deals with data, device management, integration, and connectivity. However, it is prominent for providing IoT security. It also offers many other services of IoT that help with developing developments and 32-bit and 64-bit RISC multi-core processors. The firm's specialty is that it mixes AI and IoT to produce solutions for various fields such as hospitals, factories, homes, cooperate buildings, etc.

The company focuses mostly on the following

  • Provides a book named "IoT solutions for dummies" to make the user understand the IoT uses in the business sector.

  • Works with the medical field and augmented reality/virtual reality technology.

  • Created an operating system and named it Mbed OS that interconnects various devices.

  • Offers an incredible way for SoC designers to link and integrate into a single kit.


One of the most experienced IoT companies is Qualcomm, based in San Diago, USA. Contemporarily, they have established their branches in more than 30 nations around the globe. The company provides various electronic products, such as consumer electronics, mobile processors, mobile computing, etc. The company's reliability reflects the kind of customers, such as Telbios, Cystelecom, and Verizon, it has.

The company focuses mostly on the following

  • Producing Internet of Things working on 5G network technology.

  • Sells IoT-based music equipment supported by any source of Qualcomm Technologies.

  • To provide the clients with an excellent experience of smart homes, it integrates different home appliances with a secured network.

  • Provides a combination of computing and connectivity, smart consumer electronics and a new flavor of home entertainment. Examples of consumer electronics are printers, cameras, drones and robots, and more.

  • In 2019, it registered its first smart city program. The idea is to constructively connect small and medium enterprises, the government, and the people.


Companies are doing an exceptional job of making the IoT a big thing. PixelCrayons is also among such companies. It serves its clients with both consumer and industrial IoT services and products. To this date, it has successfully delivered services in 36 countries. In complement to IoT services, they also provide a range of IT solutions, such as blockchain, AR/VR, and mobile app development.

The company focuses mostly on the following

  • Provides IoT apps for all kinds of wearable devices.

  • Provides IoT consultancy with the pool of experts they have.

  • Offers quality voice technology, data analysis, and connectivity solutions.

  • Provides IoT apps connecting cars, smart home appliances, and wearable healthcare solutions.

  • The reliability is evident from its collection of customers such as Puma, Vodafone, NextLot, and eBay.


The Internet of Things is the next big thing in science and technology. Companies and startups are constantly hustling to make robust and exceptional discoveries in the IoT field. Since IoT is the future of the physical world, companies know the benefits of investing in IoT. Therefore, they are making big progress in IoT with each passing day.