Codelgniter-One of the Best Open Source Frameworks

For years, developers desperately needed a highly efficient and flexible framework that can not only help them establish effective applications but also give the liberty to bring their creativity and imagination. During that time, CodeIgniter emerged as the most agile, feature-rich and convenient alternative for developers. They love it madly for its quality to let all your creativity skills to life and develop extremely refined applications and minimizing coding.

CodeIgniter enjoys the tag of one of the best in class frameworks loaded with a number of features including high security, convenient handling, exceptional stability and personalization.

Although, bringing CodeIgniter into use and getting the customization done is easy; however, for top level development, the assistance of an expert will be surely required. Through CodeIgniter, you get a small track and astounding presentation. It also offers the provision of broad compatibility along with standard hosting accounts. To establish this framework, no configuration is required and you can do well with only normal coding rules. With CodeIgniter, you get the depiction of straightforward solutions and it is free from complex structures and development.

Following are some of its exceptional techniques and features that are used to develop superior applications.

Extensive Documentation

An extensive user guide and documentation comes with CodeIgniter which offers developers with complete support. This support further guides them in eliminating doubts. This guide is supposed to make installing, downloading and implementing the software application easy. It also helps you to upload libraries conveniently.

Convenient Administration of Application Versions

What if you get a single installation to handle all various editions of your applications? Yes, it is possible now. A single CodeIgniter installation enables you to select the version of the application that you want to use by explaining the parameters. In addition, this feature allows more application editions to be added extremely easily.

Configuration Files

As far as the loading of several parameters in the form of arrays concerned, it is used exactly the same way as used in configuration files. Moreover, this technique guides you to get rid of the name collision issue, which allows you to name the configuration files with no worry about the name of other files.

HTML Emails

CodeIgniter is one of the finest tools as it permits you to establish an email library and this enables you to send HTML emails, news-letters and automatic welcome messages. This structure comes with an inbuilt functionality to recover the file content instead of sending it to a third parameter to load the mail.

Uncomplicated Migration

Bringing CodeIgniter into use allows you to migrate applications from one server to another pretty easily and it can be completed by following an easy process. It also provides absolute suppleness to customize a website, modules, applications and other plug-ins. As this framework offers an extensive compatibility along with standard hosting accounts, configuration and typical coding rules are not required.

Almost No Server Requirements

Unlike other PHP frameworks, CI can get along well with both PHP4 and 5. This makes it extremely convenient for those who work seamlessly between the two environments easily. However, the 5.4 PHP version is not recommended to be run due to the potential security, performance issues and less features.

No Installation is Required

For developers, one of the toughest things is to install new frameworks. Unlike UNIX command in which a few tools are required and a user can install and use by simply uploading files to a directory. CI nurtures this requirement perfectly. You do not require PEAR packages or server modifications to have the framework up and running. Simply upload the files to your server and you are on.

Built-In Security Tools

CodeIgniter permits the developers the facility to implement as much or as little security necessary for your specific app. It does a few things by default including unsetting all global variables regardless of PHP register_global directive and stopping the magic_quotes_runtime directive while you initialize the system so that you do not have to eliminate slashes when getting the data back from your database.

Final Remarks

Coming with a very small footprint, CodeIgniter is a robust PHP framework built for coders who require an easy and elegant toolkit to develop full-featured web applications. Development is done quite quickly in this framework as well as it is reliable when compared with the rest of the platforms. However, there is one thing that needs to be taken care of, CodeIgniter is based on MVC pattern; therefore, a developer should have some basic knowledge of MVC before start learning CodeIgniter.

CodeIgniter comes with a long list of innovative techniques and incredible features, but to deal with it a skillful expert who has a thorough understanding of the framework, features and functionality is required. Business owners, especially from outside India, who are looking for an exalted off-shore development, have a great option in the form of CodeIgniter, which is largely embraced by the masses for its wide range of features and cost-effectiveness.

Sharon Christine
Sharon Christine

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