Check if a string starts with given word in PHP

Create a function to check whether a string begins with the specified string or not. The function should return TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.

The following is the syntax −

begnWith(str, begnStr)

Consider the following parameters in it to check −

  • str − The string to be tested

  • begnStr − The text to be searched in the beginning of the specified string.


The following is an example −

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   function begnWith($str, $begnString) {
      $len = strlen($begnString);
      return (substr($str, 0, $len) = = = $begnString);
      echo "True! It begins with p!";
      echo "False! It isn't beginning with p!";


The following is the output −

True! It begins with p!
karthikeya Boyini
karthikeya Boyini

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